Hello West Seattle and Beyond!

13 10 2009

This forum is about life.  What is it about seeing moving images on the big screen that make us laugh out loud, shed unexpected tears, sense indignation or satisfaction, look at things from a new perspective, or feel inspired to live in a different way?  Why do we feel connected to a certain character?  Why do we long to experience what the characters experienced?  What do these longings, emotions, thoughts, intentions tell us about who we are?  What do these stories captured on film and our experiences as we view them teach us about life?  How do these stories, if at all, point us to the meta-narrative of Creation, Fall, Redemption and Glory and satisfy our longing for true lasting happiness in life?  Why do we do we have the hopes and dreams that we have?  Why is this life so messy?  Is there any hope?  What does true happiness look like?

These are the things we hope to discuss through this forum and have some meaningful conversations about life – and get to know some people you never knew existed in West Seattle and beyond!  The Southwest Branch of the SPL on 35th SW has graciously given us the permission to have pizza and snacks as long as we behave.  So come and check it out!

By the way, feel free to leave comments.




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