WSFF – Your thoughts?

2 12 2009

Now that we had our official first forum last Saturday, what are your thoughts?

I thought it was a great start to a new ongoing event in West Seattle [and beyond] – a fantastic meeting room, yummy snacks, excellent audio [thanks to Bose!], and best of all, an engaging “round table” discussion about the characters, not to mention getting to know some neat people in our community!

So overall, I think we achieved the mission of the Forum:  View. Snack. Engage. Socialize.

But that’s just me.  I would love to hear what you thought about it so that people can get an idea of what WSFF is all about.




6 responses

3 12 2009

** Maybe start a companion online discussion group (forum), since it’s hard to start a new topic in this blog system – Google Groups is a good system. I would volunteer to be a moderator, I’ve run spam free groups on G Groups and Yahoo Groups – just turn on “monitor/approve first messages”, with open, public join – traps spammers well.

** I’m assuming you’ve promo’ed the group on the West Seattle Blog Forum?

18 12 2009
E.S. Koh

Good suggestion… but one of the unique things about this Forum is that we get to engage live in person – somewhat of a rarity these days in this virtual cyber world! This site is meant to serve as a communication tool with ongoing interaction for feedback, reflections, suggestions and ideas – but the real action is in the meeting room on the day of our viewing. FreeRangeAuthor, hope you can make it to one of them to see what it’s all about.

3 12 2009

I thoroughly enjoyed the venue, movie and discussion (and food!) and can hardly think of how it could have gone better! It was great meeting a few new people, and it seemed like they had a good time as well. I loved hearing people’s different points of view, and it even helped change some of the ideas I had originally. Overall, I thought the mix of people was excellent: different ages, different backgrounds, etc., and people thought very clearly and intellectually about the movie. I look forward to the next one I can attend.

20 12 2009

This was a surprisingly enjoyable event. The ideas put forth by the moderator, before viewing the film, and the discussion after, made the whole occasion that much more meaningful. Everyone participated in the discussion, which only lasted about half an hour. People were supportive, and ideas played off of each other.

29 12 2009
E.S. Koh

Thank you for attending, Meadowbr00k! Spread the word and hope you enjoy many more months to come!

13 01 2010
Mikey V

I had a great time at the November event. I liked seeing a modern, gritty, powerful film and the ensuing discussion. The pizza was awesome too.

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