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29 12 2009

Hello, folks!  Hope you had a very Merry Christmas – and perhaps a few DVDs here and there as presents?  I received a few that might make the “featured film of the month” list – like Gran Torino, Up! and Hotel Rowanda.

At our December Forum, we briefly skimmed through the list including Babette’s Feast, Star Trek, Iron Man I/II, Precious, Casablanca, The Natural [or any other baseball movie or a sports movie or a film about a favorite American past-time], Invictus and Gladiator.

Keep in mind that we are staying away from nudity and hoping for quality discussion-worthy films.  Obviously, we have to wait for the DVD release for some on the list, but at least it gives you an idea that we are aiming to cover different genres for us to explore and discuss.

So here’s your chance to contribute:  What’s on your list of films you’d like to watch and discuss in 2010?

The next WSFF will be on Saturday, 01.23.10 @ 10:30AM.




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29 12 2009

I REALLY love the French film “Man on the Train ” (L’Homme du Train). It is sweet, meaningful, and potentially life-changing. If you want to go with a theme in January of “a fresh start”, this one would TOTALLY fit. I got it for Jason for Christmas if you want a preview of it.

30 12 2009

Also, we’ll be getting “Paper Heart” in the mail, a documentary/scripted hybrid of one girl’s search to find out if love truly exists. Could be a good one for February, if we feel like watching a love story! (This movie starts Michael Cera…as Michael Cera, and his real-life girlfriend at the time, Charlyne Yi, who doesn’t believe in love.)

2 01 2010

** Atonement ** is certainly meaty with all kinds of moral, ethical questions, plus a wrenching twist ending. I can’t remember any nudity, but there is a very damp, provocative Knightley in one scene.

** Crazy Love ** is a documentary of an astonishingly shocking relationship, primarily through the words of the two “crazy” people. Extremely well done doc.

** District 9 ** Just saw this on DVD. Awesome science fiction thriller. Totally gripping adventure. Actor Sharlto Copley is brilliant as the milk toast incompetent put in charge of getting “permissions” from the aliens to move them to a new ghetto – then he learns what it means to be on the low end of the social order when he gets infected, and has to fight for his life.

** Downfall ** is perhaps the most brilliant telling of Hitler’s last days in the bunker – Bruno Ganz is magnificent as Hitler. A very intense portrayal of the collapse of an evil regime.

** Perfume ** I gave this a 10/10 rating on IMDB. Completely original tale of a bizarre serial killer, with an awesome, surprising ending that you will never guess. The performances are uniformly brilliant, the direction by Tom Tykver is outstanding – easily his best film since Run, Lola, Run. (there is nudity in this one)

29 01 2010

If you are looking for a great political suspense thriller, I highly recommend SPARTAN (2004), , which has one of Val Kilmer’s best performances of his career. Written and directed by David Mamet, the story has wonderful twists and turns as you realize who in the Washington, DC power structure has stakes in the kidnapping of a teenage girl. For the early portion of film the audience does not understand why this girl deserves a covert rescue operation, then you find out why. The web gets more tangled when the covert agents get a message that the girl is dead, but they find evidence she may be alive.

I consider this thriller to be as good as THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, with a great moral dilemma at its core. Will the agent accept the evidence he finds or follow official orders, and who becomes the real enemy?

Great stuff. One of Mamet’s best works.

6 01 2010

A story from the past relevant to today, “The Best Years of Our Lives,” 1946, the story of WWII veterans returning home. Great performances by Myrna Loy, Frederick March and Hoagy Carmichael.

6 01 2010
E.S. Koh

By the way, do y’all have a copy of the movie you are suggesting so that I can preview? I think we should definitely do “Paper Heart” for February! Keep them coming!

8 01 2010
E.S. Koh

If anyone has a copy of “The Best Years of Our Lives” I would like to view it to prepare for our discussion. It’s 172 minutes long, but it might work. FreeRangerAuthor, I’m checking out your suggestions and your IMDB list, and I think we definitely will do “Citizen Kane” and probably “Knowing” for our discussions as categorical representatives from your list.

8 01 2010

I can get “The Best Years of Our Lives” from Netflix, when would you like it?

15 01 2010

I have created an open discussion group for this effort, so we can free range discuss on topics about film not included at this web site.

* write your film reviews

* post suggestions for the WS Film Forum program(s)

* other commentary about film, in general or specific titles

16 01 2010
E.S. Koh

FreeRangeAuthor, thank you!

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