Many of us are entertained by movies.  This forum is about engaging our thoughts and emotions through movies as we discuss why they move us and what, if at all, these stories captured on film have anything to do with the meta-narrative of Creation, Fall, Redemption and Glory as made evident to us through the gospel.  It is a forum open to all regardless of your beliefs or point of view to discuss movies and spirituality with honesty and mutual respect.


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29 11 2009

Looks like the show days will be Saturday, which will be difficult for me, as my mom has dialysis Sat.

Is the presentation from DVD’s? On the library TV?

I have a few DVD’s that might be interesting for the program. Of late, KNOWING which got controversial reviews. I also have the director’s (Alex Proyas) much superior DARK CITY, which Siskel and Ebert selected as best of year, 1998.

Please post details of format of presentation (DVD on TV?) and selection process.

My IMDB ratings list …

2 12 2009
E.S. Koh

Unfortunately, since we are using the Seattle Public Library, we are limited to their hours of operation and decided that Saturdays is probably the best option. Great questions! Yes, the presentation are from DVDs but projected to a large screen in the meeting room. To maximize the theater experience, we are using the Bose Cinemate speaker system which worked quite well for us in our first showing. I do like your list of movies! KNOWING would be a great one for our Forum, as well as others on your list. We are still working on the selection process, but certainly my hope is that we can discuss together at the Forum which ones would be good ones to watch and discuss for 2010 from a broad range of genres and themes. Thanks for your interest and your questions. We hope to see you there!

30 04 2010

Hi Eddie, What is the date and film for May? I missed April, am hoping I can make this month. Nora

30 04 2010
E.S. Koh

Hi Nora, the date is May 15th @ 10 am and we will view and discuss either Up or Hurt Locker. Hope to see you!

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